12 Weeks to Wellness

We recognize 5 different necessities to health in our practice.  These are called the pillars of health and they are proper nervous system function, mental wellness, physical wellness, nutritional wellness, and proper rest.  The most important pillar is nervous system function because without this we can not survive and grow.  To  be conscious of and participate in balancing each of these pillars in your life will bring you closer towards true wellness and further away from sickness.  In our practice we directly address your nervous system function and educate you on the other pillars of wellness so you can live as the best you possible.

Many times you come into the office and say “fix my ___(insert symptom/symptoms here), and what you mean is I miss being able to pick up my kids, you miss being full of energy, and producing the best work you can.  The truth is that our body follows specific biological laws that require specific activities to help you grow and evolve and the result is the lifestyle you deserve.  In 12 weeks we integrate new lifestyle patterns into your routine so you can empower yourself to do the things required to be strong and healthy.  Lets not just survive, lets thrive.

Once a week we send out a new habit to integrate into your routine while making sure you continue the good habits you are already doing.  The weekly challenge is sent directly to your email and it is absolutely zero pressure and zero cost for current members of Clear Connections Chiropractic.  Our mission is for you achieve wellness status and we will help with every tool we have!  Dig In


Wellness score evaluation + re-evaluation (when program complete)


12 Weeks to Wellness Program


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