Dr. Krystal Czegus

Dr. Krystal grew up in Warren, Michigan and later moved to Washington Township, Michigan at the beginning of her college career.  Growing up, she was very involved with school, sports, dance, and family.  She always knew she belonged in health care where she could help others, but really wanted a more natural approach.  She attended Wayne State University where she completed her undergraduate studies with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.  She then went on to receive her massage therapy certification at the Flint School of Therapeutic Massage.  During this time, she realized how special it was to be able to affect people in a holistic manner with something as simple as a soothing touch.  She became very interested in the science, philosophy, and art involved with the practice of chiropractic and was immediately hooked.  After doing some careful research, she knew Life University in Marietta, Georgia would be the perfect fit for her.  During her clinical internship at Life, she had the great opportunity to work with many children and expectant mothers, which was a priceless experience.  She was intrigued with the fact that the body had an innate intelligence that functions and heals without any help from an outside source.  She continually strives for a practice full of excited people and their families interested in learning to live a healthy, happy, chiropractic lifestyle.

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