Dr. Sean Medlin

Dr. Sean is originally from Fairfax Station, Virginia where he grew up in a family of five.  He was very active as a child and throughout his teenage years, playing many sports such as basketball, lacrosse, and running track.  He attended George Mason University, completing his undergraduate studies with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  He then realized with the help of his chiropractic mentor, who was also a neighbor and family friend that chiropractic was where he was intended to be.  He attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia and quickly became enamored with the amount of knowledge concerning the intricate workings of the body and nervous system that was out there for the taking.  He enjoyed attending various seminars and workshops where he expanded his knowledge of adjusting techniques and chiropractic philosophy.  He had the opportunity to shadow and work with many successful doctors in the field and also participated in a mission trip to India, where he was able to touch the lives of hundreds of people through chiropractic.  His ultimate vision for the practice is to observe people understand that chiropractic is more than just receiving an adjustment, but a lifestyle that can open the doors to health on the physical, mental, and spiritual level.


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