I started going to Clear Connections during my second pregnancy and now take my children there

I have been to many chiropractors over the years and Clear Connections is my favorite.  While I’ve found adjustments to be quite painful in the past, Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal are very gentile.  My adjustments are very relaxing and I’m always disappointed when they are over!  They have a wonderful whole-body approach and have… Read More »

Resolution of Restless legs syndrome (RLS) : I’d been suspicious of bone crackers but I had tired everything else!

When I first started at Clear Connections my health problems included; scoliosis developed at birth, rounding of the shoulders, and restless legs syndrome. The later started in 2012 and consistently interrupted sleep. Restless legs also interfered with my quality of life because I needed two hours per night just to get to sleep. I would… Read More »

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