Welcome to Clear Connections Chiropractic, your family-centered chiropractic office in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We specialize in providing fun, educational, and drug-free care to families. In this video, Dr. Sean Medlin teams up with Terry Cooper, Clinic Director and Occupational Therapist at Family Tree Therapies, to bring you an insightful discussion on sensory processing and child development.

Dr. Medlin and Terri Cooper dive deep into the world of sensory processing, explaining how our bodies interpret sensory information and the challenges some children face in this area. They debunk common myths, such as the misconception that all children with sensory processing disorders have autism, and emphasize that behavior is a form of communication. Through their expert insights, they show how understanding sensory issues can lead to better strategies for managing and improving children’s behavior.

Terri Cooper highlights the importance of early intervention and encourages parents to trust their instincts when it comes to their child’s development. Rather than adopting a “wait and see” approach, they advocate for seeking professional help to address any concerns early on, capitalizing on the critical window of neurological development in the first few years of life.

At Clear Connections Chiropractic, we are dedicated to empowering parents with the knowledge they need to support their children’s health and development. Watch this video to gain valuable insights and practical tips, and join us in our mission to provide drug-free, holistic care for families.

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