Living the DREAM

Welcome Wellness Warriors!!

Perhaps you are wondering what a wellness warrior is…

Well, a wellness warrior is a community member that has upgraded their mindset to living the DREAM.  This is an acronym for the 5 pillars of health that, when focused on, encourage growth and help you to become the best version of  YOU (stay tuned to find out what living the DREAM and the five pillars of health are)! We provide the foundation and structure to our Wellness Warriors for growth through an online Facebook Community and Meetups featuring top health and wellness educators from the community.  The group’s mission is to empower, educate, and provide action steps to a better way of living! So what does it mean to be a Wellness Warrior?  Wellness Warriors have upgraded their mindset away from outside-in solutions to inside-out solutions.

What exactly does that mean?

Outside-In Solutions: lotions, potions or pills

These are things taken to control or manipulate your physiology (how you feel).

Inside-Out Solutions: knowing that health comes from within and that practicing self-care maximizing your individual potential.

Recognizing that you were born self-healing and when that power is harnessed, a higher quality of life is achieved. This is why we teach about the five pillars of health and use the acronym DREAM. Living-the-Dream






Health doesn’t come from lotions, potions or pills.  It comes from nurturing these five elements.  We host classes, workshops and webinars to help nurture your growth in each pillar of the five elements of DREAM.  We feature expert special guests and also participate and organize special community events like health challenges and 5K’s. We are passionate about our community and our mission is to empower those in it with knowledge so we can make better health care decisions both individually and as a whole. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to tag us in the comments! We cannot wait to hear about your growth in our exclusive group! Connecting you to a better LIFE, Dr. Sean, Dr. Krystal, and the CCC Team Follow Us: Instagram Wellness Blog Wellness Warriors