Child Development Issues Relief

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Why Children See a Chiropractor

Most adults wonder why more and more children see a chiropractor. And the reason is because it does not matter if your young or old, if your spine is creating nerve interference than our body will not function optimally.

We know that 65% of our neurologic development happens within the first year of our life. And much of this development is stimulated through our environment like play, sports, movement, touch, climbing, interactions with others, sickness and even emotional events. So this phase is very important in a child’s life. Research tells us that proper movement is one of the major keys in ensuring a proper development. Balanced movement should occur within the various joints of the body and in particular the spine.

Role of the Spine in Neurologic Function

Our brain receives signals through various neurologic pathways. And 50% of the signals our brain receives comes from movement of our spinal column. This is where chiropractors come in; they achieve smooth joint and spinal column movement so signals that reach the brain are loud and clear for proper health and development.

How Pediatric Chiropractors Aid Development

So you must be wondering how pediatric trained chiropractors help with a child’s development? They can help aid in normal development because they are able to assess and treat areas of the spinal column and nervous system that may stimulate negative feedback to the brain. The doctors at Clear Connections are on mission to help Grand Rapids child development issues naturally and holistically. This negative feedback impacts a child’s development and ongoing health.  When chiropractors are caring for children they use gentle and effective techniques. The adjustment procedures they follow are incredibly safe and most often only fingertip pressure is applied.

Signs Your Child May Need Chiropractic Care

When should parents bring their children to a chiropractor? When they notice that their child has a tendency to primarily tilt or rotate the head to one side.  If it is observed that there is a shoulder tilt or one eye is higher or bulge or flat spot on head.  Also if there is suspected delayed developmental milestones, has poor balance or coordination, and has emotional irrationality or behavioral difficulties.  Issues to note also include sleeping disorders, has poor immunity and has a progressive allergy development.

Impact of Spinal Health on Overall Well-being

When the spine stops moving properly, it starts giving out negative feedback and this can result in the way a child moves their body affecting coordination and posture.  This can affect a child’s learning ability and concentration, as well as emotional rationality and organ/immune function. Therefore it is important to achieve optimal nerve function through gentile chiropractic alignment and, the doctors at Clear Connections Chiropractic would be honored to help you and your family with development issues.