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We are grateful for Trevis sharing his journey as an athlete, former olympic strength and conditioning coach, and nutritionist for mens aquatics and basketball. He has worked with the NBA, NHL, MLS, and is currently working with he 2020 olympic track and field team. He emphasizes how the care at Clear Connections Chiropractic is perfect for athletes of all levels.

"Achieve Something Greater Because You Are Functioning Better"

Here at Clear Connections Chiropractic, our doctors specialize in sports chiropractic care for Grand Rapids. Working with athletes is an amazing privilege because the overall goal is not just to get you out of pain, but to help you achieve something greater because you are functioning better. Sports chiropractic can help with injury prevention, recovery and performance enhancement. When you win we win!

I have consistently visited Clear Connections Chiropractic for several years at this point and have had a fantastic experience not only moving better with less aches and pains but actually improving strength and stability in my body. I enjoy working out and take part in local competitions routinely and their care has significantly improved my recovery from workouts and competition.

For years I avoided chiropractors because of myths and stereotypes I have heard but the doctors here are very professional and educated, consistently re evaluating clients to help them become aware of their current status and answering any questions I might have. In addition to that they also just really take care of people making sure they are asking about any recent aches or pains or finding out how they can help with advice on lifestyle habits. They stay engaged with their community with tons of charities, monthly themes and tons of ways to connect with other people and businesses to help enrich their lives.

As an individual I have sent my wife and mother to them. As a personal trainer and CrossFit coach I have professionally recommended several of my clients and members to them because I trust that they will take care of my family and the people I take care of.


Heal, Protect, and Enhance!

We have been helping athletes all over Grand Rapids live up to their potential with sports chiropractic care. Past injuries can weaken your foundation and that is what we need to address first. We strive to strengthen your foundation and balance your kinetic chains allowing your body to achieve its optimal environment to heal, protect against injury, and enhance performance.

After a thorough exam and consultation, we can determine if old injuries are causing imbalances. These may be the reason for your:

When we achieve structural balance your body can heal those old injuries and get you back to training on your own terms.

If you are a runner, your hips, knees and ankles need to be perfectly balanced. If you are a swimmer, your shoulders need perfect coordination between muscle groups. Elite athletes rely on sports chiropractic adjustments as part of their self-care regime. They understand that a strong foundation is vital to consistent high performance.

After structural balance and stability is achieved, your body is functioning properly and able to protect itself from future injury. Just think about it, you have to tune-up your car to prevent it from breaking down and allow it to function at its best. Your body is the same, obtaining proper structural alignment from sports chiropractic does the same thing for your body that a tune-up does for your car!

Having been involved with athletics since I was 6 years old, and with 20+ years in professional sports entertainment, taking care of my body is paramount. I have been fortunate to see a few good chiropractors over the years, but both Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal really go above and beyond in their care plans. The welcoming vibe in the office and passion of Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal really set them apart.

From the first visit, everything about your personalized care plan is explained and described. They make your input a major part of your care. In less than a month since starting my treatment path, I have noticed more restful sleep, less headaches (which after several concussions is a Godsend), more flexibility, increase in energy, and my gym routines seem to be getting more results. It’s very easy to write off one or two improvements in your daily life, but when I am seeing drastic improvements in several aspects of my mental and physical well-being with the only change being starting a care plan through Clear Connection it is hard to discount.

I would and HAVE recommended Clear Connections to others, great atmosphere, caring and skillful Doctors, just has been a great experience thus far!

Your First Visit 

Upon your first visit to the office, you will be greeted warmly by smiling faces, welcoming you to the office. This visit is when we collect all of your diagnostic information to accurately assess and evaluate you. To do this, we incorporate state-of-the-art technology that allows us to determine your neurological and structural deficiencies. If our diagnostics identify areas of structural and kinetic chain breakdowns, we will develop a game plan for your success!

Your second visit to the office we review your findings in detail and you can recieve your first chiropractic adjustment, jump starting your body’s journey to optimal performance and function!

Clear Connections Chiropractic has been an amazing place for me. Dr. Sean came to my place of work for a lunch and learn. I’m a boxer so I came with alot of neck stiffness and a little in my lower back. Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal are very friendly, positive, and motivated to making you feel you’re best! The stiffness in my neck and back have decreased greatly. Thanks Clear Connections for all your work!

I can’t say enough positive things about this team and the docs. They helped me go from sedentary with chronic pain to living the athletic lifestyle I knew I was capable of. Positive and uplifting and genuinely caring about the individual and their overall wellbeing. Highly recommend!

I have been a member of Clear Connections for 2 months and have seen a great deal of improvement. I am a CrossFit athlete and have seen improvements with mobility, strength, and energy. My workout recovery period has been reduced and I have been sleeping much better and not waking up with lower back discomfort. The team at Clear Connections is very friendly and welcoming and I’m very glad I chose them and would highly recommend them!

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We are Grateful to support the Grand Rapids Community.

Dr. Krystal Czegus and Dr. Sean Medlin

Our approach is simple. We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions, so it is our goal to provide you and your family with the highest quality of corrective and wellness sports chiropractic care available so that you can enjoy an active, healthy life.

While chiropractic, the care of your spine and nervous system, is our primary focus, we take a holistic approach to health. We understand the vital importance of proper nutrition, daily exercise, sufficient rest, and a stable mental and spiritual life. We recognize the intimate connection between the body, mind, and spirit and promote awareness on all three levels. We take time to educate our practice members with a thorough and individualized approach. We investigate the cause of the problem and help guide your journey to optimal health. You are our family and we want to treat you as such.

You are invited to Clear Connections Chiropractic, and we look forward to a long and healthy relationship with you and your family.

Are you ready to move forward with your health?

Start getting the care you deserve.

I have been nothing but pleased with my services with Clear Connections. I am a massage therapist and put my body thru a lot. I know the benefits of chiro care and when I do not receive it, I can tell how it affects my job.

I have had the pleasure of receiving treatments from both Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal and each treatment has been specific to my needs at the time. Being in this field for as long as I have, I have had the pleasure of working with other Chiropractors. Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal have been the best so far. The Dr.’s and staff have done everything from day one to ensure that my care keeps moving in the positive direction.

You may ask what exactly have they done….. Well my low back and right hip used to give my issues. I would get a pain in my right leg. I also suffered from Neck and Shoulder pain. So much to the point I felt like I had to heat and ice every single day. I still use heat and ice, but not near as many times as I used to. And I can’t even explain the headaches. I used to get tension headaches, sinus headaches and even some times Migraines I still suffer from some sinus headaches, but the frequency has lowered substantially.

I am so grateful to have found these two and I hope if you are reading this that you will choose Clear Connections to take care of your aches and pains, so you can go through your days a lot happier.