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Musculoskeletal Pain = 5.5 hours/week of lost productive time Arthritis or Back Pain = 5.2 hours/week of lost productive time Headache = 3.5 hours/week of lost productive time Headache, Back Pain, Arthritis, or Other Musculoskeletal Pain = 1 out of every 2 people suffer Lost productive time from common painful conditions nation wide = $61.2 billion per year


Blue Cross Blue Shield 7 year study proves….

We help your team determine the cause of their health concerns by offering them a natural, non-invasive, cost effective approach to their health.

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What the community is saying?

I highly recommend the Clear Connections Lunch & Learn experience! It was a relaxed and very informative opportunity for interested employees to clearly understand the value of chiropractic for maintaining optimal health. It was easy to coordinate and our employees absolutely loved it!
– Jan Terpstra, Executive Administrative Assistant

I am very happy we invited Clear Connections Chiropractic in for a Lunch and Learn event. I found coordinating the Lunch & Learn to be easy and I appreciated Clear Connections accommodating our schedule, especially with us having patients in the office still. People liked that real life examples and case studies of chiropractic care were used so it was simple to relate to and understand. The event also presented a great opportunity to make an appointment because some people were very interested! Thank you Clear Connections for the fun and informative Lunch and Learn!
– Megan Barb, Davich Vision Center, Grand Rapids

Our organization has to built a culture around health and wellness and the goals of Clear Connections is congruent with our own. We are very happy with utilizing them as a health resource. We started with a Lunch and Learn event which was easy to coordinate and it turned out to be one of the largest wellness events to date! Our team found value and received a lot of great information in a short amount of time. We really found the visuals helpful and the information was presented in a fun way. Now we stay up to date with a special weekly wellness newsletter and we are excited about future events on health and wellness. Thank you Clear Connections!
– Kristina J, Legal Copy Services

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Clear Connections Chiropractic mission

It is our goal and mission to provide an inviting, relaxing atmosphere where people of all ages can come to acquire and maintain a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle through chiropractic. We want people to feel engaged and excited to learn about chiropractic and their health. We hope to inspire our practice members and the community to take the necessary actions to achieve their optimum state of health and well being. We will educate people about the natural healing capabilities that they possess and how important it is to have a healthy nervous system that is free from interference. We will stress the importance of nutrition, exercise, and living a balanced lifestyle.

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