Headache and Migraine Relief

Headache and Migraine Relief

Here at Clear Connections Chiropractic, we have been helping hundreds of Grand Rapids residents with headache and migraine relief.  We do this through proper treatment and regular adjustments. Call us today at 616-308-3606 or Contact Us By Clicking Here.

What you need to know about headaches and migraines:

  1. Migraine is the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world.
  2. Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. households includes someone with a migraine.
  3. Every 10 seconds, someone in the U.S. goes to the emergency room complaining of head pain, and approximately 1.2 million visits are for acute migraine attacks.
  4. More than 90% of sufferers are unable to work or function normally during their migraine.
  5. Headache disorders, which are characterized by a recurrent headache, are associated with personal and societal burdens of pain, disability, damaged quality of life, and financial cost.
  6. Headache has been underestimated, under-recognized and under-treated throughout the world.

Do you suffer from Headaches?

Nearly everyone will suffer an occasional headache, it’s almost inevitable; however, you shouldn’t have to suffer from intense or frequent headaches. Just because headaches have become normal to you does not mean they are.

A lot of people treat their headaches with over-the-counter medications. Often times, the use of these medications increases dramatically. You may have started out by taking two pills or capsules per day but over time, the dosage doubles, triples or even quadruples on a daily basis. Over-the-counter headache medications are expensive and they only treat the symptom of headache pain. There is an underlying problem that is causing the headaches and no amount of medication will correct the problem.

The doctors at Clear Connections Chiropractic have extensive experience with confirming the root cause of headaches and providing members with safe and effective adjustments to increase nerve function and allow the ease and elimination of headache pain.

What Type of Headache Do You Suffer From?

It’s important to understand just which type of a headache you are experiencing. Here is a list of the most typical type, see which one most closely matches the type of headache pain you are having. Then, tell us about it so we can begin to correctly locate the cause of your pain:


A Migraine Headache is a specific type of a headache that is severe and persistent. Often times, they can be so severe that they greatly impact your ability to function. Migraines are more common in women than in men. Symptoms of migraine vary widely and may include dizziness, lightheaded, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise, numbness, difficulty concentrating, confusion and sudden fatigue. Migraines can last several hours or days.

Cluster headaches

This type is intense and feels like a burning or piercing pain behind the eyes, either throbbing or constant. It’s the least common, but the most severe type of a headache. The pain can be so bad that most people with cluster headaches can’t sit still and will often pace during an attack. They’re called “cluster headaches” because they tend to happen in groups. You might get them one to three times per day during a cluster period, which may last 2 weeks to 3 months. The headaches may disappear completely (go into “remission”) for months or years, only to come back again.

Medication Headaches

Medication Headaches are caused by the use or overuse of medications, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter drugs. The symptoms of a medication headache can vary greatly. A medication headache can feel as bad as a migraine or more like a tension headache.

Chronic Headache

Chronic Headaches are headaches that occur daily or almost daily. If they occur more than 2 or 3 times per week, it is considered a chronic headache.

Tension headaches

Also called stress headaches, chronic daily headaches, or chronic non-progressive headaches, they are the most common type among adults and teens. They cause mild to moderate pain and come and go over time. Tension headaches account for nearly 90% of all headaches.

Sinus Headaches or Sinus Infection Headaches

A Sinus Headache is caused by mucus build-up as a result of inflammation and pressure within the sinuses during a sinus infection. The location of the pain can vary. For example, if the frontal sinuses are affected, there will be pain in the front of the head just above the eyebrows. If the ethmoid sinuses are affected, pain will be felt between the eyes. When the maxillary sinuses are affected, pain will be experienced in the cheekbone areas. The pain from Sinus Headaches is usually more of a dull pain versus a sharp rapid pain.

Toxic Headaches

Toxic Headaches are caused by exposure to some type of toxin. These types of headaches can be the result of toxic chemicals, alcohol, insecticides, pesticides, household cleaners or a build-up of toxins within the body typically due to an organ not functioning properly.

Success Stories:


I was introduced to Clear Connections when a friend brought me with her to her appointment, I began going on my own and after improving so quickly, I’m going to being my husband and son too. I have been dealing with migraines, low back pain, two rounds of pancreatitis, TMJ disorder, and thyroid dysfunction. These issues have been interfering with my life for over 20 years, and I’ve had to be on pain medication the entire time! I would go into the ER for migraines and back pain so often, I lost track of how many injections I was given. It was difficult to function being in so much pain and I took the frustration out on my family. After living that way for so long, I had learned to cope.

I had a bone fusion in 2012, it did not help. Prior to that, I went to a pain clinic for 15 years and had many more injections but they would only help for a few weeks. I have also had a spinal stimulator implanted into my spine, which also did not help, and so I had it removed. It only took a few adjustments and I have not had a migraine since. It has been a blessing to go through each day without a migraine. I have been feeling so much better.

Having been on so many narcotics for so many years, I was very constipated. After being adjusted I have been able to go to the bathroom normally. Due to pain, my quality of life had significantly decreased; however, Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal are giving me my life back. I now have two granddaughters and I plan on enjoying every minute of time I have with them. I am on a new journey to a happier,healthier life thanks to Clear Connections and the wonderful care they have given me. My adjustments are making big improvements in my life!
– Julie

Migraines relieved!

I had always heard about chiropractic, but never actually participated or truly learned about it until my internship with Clear Connections. Throughout my life, I have always suffered from headaches, migraines, and digestive issues. These problems affected my daily life so significantly that I would often miss class, be stuck in my bedroom for days at a time, and had even had emergency room visits yearly. Doctors had prescribed me various medications or remedies over the years, but nothing worked, so I had learned to deal with it on my own.

After my first week of adjustments from Dr Sean and Dr. Krystal; however, I began to notice significant improvements in my headaches and digestion! Beyond that, I even noticed improvements in general muscle/joint pains, skin complexion, and overall bodily functions. To be honest, chiropractic care has definitely changed my life, most specifically due to my headache and migraine relief. I cannot thank the doctors at Clear Connections enough for the difference they’ve made in my life!

– Jojo B. – Grand Rapids

I am free of my prescription drug dependency!

I first learned about Clear Connections chiropractic a health expo at the MAC. I’ve had back, neck and hip pain along with headaches that would sometimes be so bad I would have to cancel my plans and lie in bed all day or pump myself up with aspirin that really didn’t work. I saw a counselor for my headaches and depression and for years had been taking antidepressants. I noticed a difference right away with my neck and back pain and after a month I felt happier, had more energy and hadn’t had a single headache.

Chiropractic Care has changed my life because I train in Mixed Martial Arts and seeing the chiropractor helps me keep my body from getting injured. Let me also add that I’m free of all my prescription drug dependency and excited to say I haven’t had to take any of my antidepressants for the last 3 weeks…..I feel GREAT~ Chiropractic Care fixed everything for me!!

– Anne Matthews

Today my back pain is no longer present, sleep improved, sinus pressure relieved

Several weeks before I met the doctors I fell on a tile floor, and had a lot of lower back pain. It was severe enough to interrupt my sleep and cause me too seek medication. I was sleep deprived and very busy with my physically demanding veterinary clinic job. Also, since age 18 I have suffered from migraines, and within the last few years began having sinus infections and allergy issues. For my low back pain, I took some muscle relaxers, but they did not help at all. I had a few Tramadol left over from a sinus infection, which I took in effort to get some sleep. I tried a heating pad and ibuprofen daily and attempted to nap after work. After over a month it seemed like nothing would help.

However, after beginning chiropractic care regularly, it only took a few adjustments to feel my lower back begin to heal. The rest of my spine needed a lot of work also, so I was a little sore for a few weeks. Today my lower back pain is no longer present. I have had a couple sinus infections, but the work Dr. Krystal did to relieve the pressure was very helpful. I still have headaches, but no longer daily. It took a while for my body to begin to hold adjustments, and now it is easier for me to determine the cause of my issues now that I am much more aware of my body. I sleep much better and am not suffering from back pain! I look forward to getting my adjustments and learn new things from the doctors. They go above and beyond with each patient, even if there is a line. I have taken advice that they have given me when I presented a problem, and they are willing to figure things out that will help me outside of the chiropractic office.

– Jennifer Castro – Grand Rapids, MI

If you are experiencing intense or frequent headache pain, read what science and research is saying about chiropractic care. If you have any questions please email or call the team at 616-608-3606 or reserve your Appointment for a Neurological Evaluation and Detailed Consultation to see if we can help.