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Our Story

We met and began our chiropractic journey together while attending school in Georgia. After a challenging 4 years, long days and nights studying together, and creating lasting friendships and memories, we graduated together from Life University ready for new adventures and to begin the next chapter.

In 2011, we moved back to Michigan and opened Clear Connections with nothing but ambition, drive, and a mission to create a better, healthier community. In the midst of a new practice, a wedding, and a new house, the determination to surpass our goals was great. However, nothing could have been more fulfilling than the arrival of our son in 2019.

We continue to strive for excellence and love caring for families, children, and expectant mothers. Our continued education is highly focused on keeping our skills sharp, learning everything we can concerning pediatric care, pregnancy, and what it takes to provide the best care and service to our practice members!
Dr. Krystal & Dr. Sean

grand rapids chiropractor Dr. Krystal Czegus

Dr. Krystal Czegus

Dr. Krystal, originally from Michigan’s east side, grew up very involved with school, sports, dance, and family. She always knew she belonged in health care where she could help others, but really gravitated toward a natural approach without harmful side effects.

She attended Wayne State University where she completed her undergraduate studies with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She then went on to receive her massage therapy certification at the Flint School of Therapeutic Massage. During this time, she realized how special it was to be able to affect people in a holistic manner with something as simple as a soothing touch. She became very interested in the science, philosophy, and art involved with the practice of chiropractic and was immediately hooked. After doing some careful research, she knew Life University in Marietta, Georgia would be the perfect fit for her.

Over the years, she has had the honor to care for many babies, children and expectant mothers, which has been a priceless experience. She is intrigued and constantly amazed with the body’s innate ability to function, heal, and adapt without any help from an outside source. She continually strives for a practice full of excited people and their families interested in learning to live a healthy, happy, chiropractic lifestyle.

grand rapids chiropractor Dr. Sean Medlin

Dr. Sean Medlin

Dr. Sean is originally from Fairfax Station, Virginia, where he grew up playing sports, enjoying his close-knit group of friends, and soaking up the sun and fun with his family at the beach. Dr. Sean attended George Mason University, completing his undergraduate studies with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

With the help of his chiropractic mentor, who was also a neighbor and family friend, he realized that being a chiropractor was what he was meant for. He attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia and quickly became enamored with the intricate workings of the body and nervous system. He enjoyed attending various seminars and workshops where he expanded his knowledge of adjusting techniques and chiropractic philosophy.

Later, he had the opportunity to shadow and work with many successful doctors in the field. He also participated in a mission trip to India, where he was able to touch the lives of hundreds of people through chiropractic. Ultimately, his vision for the practice is to help people understand that chiropractic is more than just receiving an adjustment. Chiropractic is a lifestyle that can open the doors to health on the physical, mental, and spiritual level.