We hope you are having a great day, and we’re excited to see you for your detailed consultation and neurological evaluation. 👍  As a quick reminder, to make sure we respect your time at your appointment, please fill out the online paperwork that has been emailed to you if you have not already.  

We strive to be the most resourceful, technologically advanced, and educational practice in West Michigan, and here is what you can expect during your 1st visit.

1st Visit:
✔️Neurological evaluation utilizing state of the art technology
✔️Detailed health history and consultation
✔️Allow 25-30 minutes

👉Dr. Sean Medlin explains what to expect on your 1st visit:

At your 1st visit we will be confirming you are a good candidate for the specific chiropractic care we offer. We will then spend quality time reviewing your findings and invite you back to review your results and recommendations.

We take pride in the consistent results and amazing stories of health and healing we get to witness daily. You can view some of the stories the Clear Connections community has shared here. 🎉


We look forward to seeing you in the office and have a wonderful day!

Yours in Health,
Team at Clear Connections Chiropractic