Back pain. It’s real, it’s common and unfortunately, it’s effecting more of our younger generations than it ever has before. In fact, a recent study has shown that half of those under 30 are experiencing back pain on a regular basis.

So what can we do to help our children and teenagers cope this ongoing pain? Below we suggest three simple things that should help keep your family healthy and free from chronic back pain.

#1: Get a Stand Up Desk for Your Family Computer

Your child and teen spend the majority of their day at school sitting at their classroom desks. Then, they come home with loads of homework to do. And often this homework requires that they sit at your family computer. Then, once that homework is done, they want to browse the internet and connect with their friends on social media outlets. Whoa! That’s a lot of time sitting down at a desk!

Unfortunately, all of this sitting at a desk can have terrible effects on someone’s back and neck. In fact, studies are now showing that 40% of people who suffer from back issues tend to spend long hours sitting at the computer. Just because kids and teens are young and resilient does not mean that they are exempt from the effects that sitting has on their bodies.

Sitting at a table or desk tends to cause someone to hunch their shoulders and neck in order to see the screen or their papers. We recommend trying a stand up desk for your family computer. This will allow your child or teen to focus on their posture as they do their homework. Plus, after sitting in a desk all day, it will also offers their shoulders and neck relief!

Encourage Homework Breaks

This may seem like strange advice, we know, but remind your child or teen to take breaks when they study. When your teenager is cramming for a test, chances are they will be sitting, hunched over their text book or tablet for a prolonged period of time. This stature leads way to increased back pain. Encourage your child to take breaks from their studying a few times each hour. Show them simple ways to stretch their neck and back, as well. These stretches will help keep their muscles relaxed and their mind focused.

Limit Texting Time

Researchers are finding that the cause of the rise in back pain of younger generations can be attributed the influence that mobile phones have on our culture. Think about it, though. When your child is texting friends and family, what does their posture look like?

Typically they are hunched over their phones on the couch or bed, aren’t they?

Unfortunately, this is just a natural habit we all have when we text on our mobile phones. But, by limiting the amount of time you allow your child to text each night, you could drastically help your child or teen’s back pain. The less they rely on their phone, the more time they will have to give to less “hunched” activities. Hey, we aren’t saying that you need to take away texting completely, but by encouraging other activities, your child may have less back pain than his or her friends. It’s worth a try.

Have you noticed your child or teen complaining of back pain? Do you have any good tips or tricks you want to share? Be sure to leave them in our comments below if you do! We’d love to hear how you keep your family healthy.