Here is the Clear Connections Chiropractic’s last installment of our superhero tips for creating the best version of YOU! We hope you have not only been reading and learning the past tips but taking action and implementing the new health tips into your everyday routine.

6. Learn something new every day
Take advantage of the mind-body connection and challenge yourself to use both on your way to better health.

Read the latest bestseller (either fiction or non-fiction). Visit a museum to see what kinds of art you might like. Check out a historic site to learn more about your surroundings.

By feeling more invested in your world, you’ll be more inspired to play a bigger role in it yourself.

7. See the end game — and commit to the right plays now
If you want to get healthy, keep in mind the reasons why it matters.
Do you want to look great and feel great so you can land the partner of your dreams? Do you want to be able to keep up with your kids now…and grandkids later? Do you want to spend your retirement traveling the world, and need the energy?

All these things are so much harder without a healthy lifestyle. By focusing on future needs, it will be harder to neglect them now.

Most importantly…

How can you accomplish any of these 7 steps without a highly functioning body and nervous system?

That’s right, you can’t!

Remember to adhere to your chiropractor’s recommendations for regular chiropractic adjustments for yourself and your family members in order to make it to SUPERHERO status!

Thank you for tuning in this month to our super tips for developing your inner hero! Remember our goal is to bring out the very best version of you and with these action steps our health journey will be blessed. Please let us know how you are doing, leave a comment, and we appreciate you!

Yours in Health,
Team at CCC