Our posture is perhaps the most underrated aspect of our health. It might be hard to believe, but having a good posture can change your overall health and lifestyle. As chiropractors, we’re hyper-alert about good posture and think that you should be, too! Still not convinced? Here’s 8 reasons why you need to improve your posture today!

#8: Good posture helps to prevent body strain We often strain our backs and cause pain to ourselves because our back is not aligning as it should be. When you improve your posture, you allow your nerves to function normally. The return to normal nerve functioning means less strain elsewhere throughout your body.

#7: Good posture helps your body function properly When you have poor posture, your muscles aren’t able to do the work they should naturally be doing. Instead, they’re overcompensating in other areas. Good postures helps to keep your bones and joints in proper alignment so that your muscles can do the job they’re designed to do!

#6: Good posture improves your overall appearance We aren’t trying to be vain here, but having a good posture drastically improves your appearance. And by standing up taller and straighter, you look like you look more capable and confident, too. Hey, who doesn’t want to look and feel more confident?

#5: Good posture helps relieve back pain When you are intentional about improving your posture, you will notice that you have less pain in your back and throughout the rest of your body. Don’t believe us? Try it and see! We bet that within a few weeks of improving your posture, you will see a noticeable decline in your back and muscular pain levels.

#4: Good posture helps prevent the effects of arthritis When you have good posture, your joints have less strain and pressure on them. Arthritis can become inflamed when we have an over-wearing or abnormal wearing of joint surfaces. So, stand up tall and help prevent the effects of arthritis.

#3: Good posture helps your ligaments stay strong Bad posture causes your ligaments to overwork themselves. This means it’s harder for those ligaments to hold your spine together. Give your ligaments a break and notice when you’re slouching.

#2:Good posture helps prevent injury Your posture helps you do daily activities. But, when you aren’t standing as you should be, you risk the chance of injury doing even the simplest of tasks. That’s because weak posture means your back isn’t aligning like it should be. Allow your body to perform optimally by standing straight.

And the #1 reason why you need to improve your posture today…
Good postures increases your energy. When you have poor posture your muscles are often fatigued and overtired. And overtired muscles means your body has less energy to use in other places. Give yourself a boost of energy and straighten up, friends!

So are you ready to take the ten day posture challenge? We challenge you to be become aware of your posture for ten days… that’s it. Just ten simple days. Catch yourself slouching, then stand up taller! Find yourself hunched at your desk, straighten out those shoulders! And in ten days let us know… are you feeling better? What’s the biggest change you notice? We cannot wait to hear what you have to say!