It’s SUMMER! At last! It’s seems like we have been waiting for this season far too long! And now that it’s finally nice outside, it’s time to get off the couch and get moving! But that isn’t always easy if you have kids and teens who love their screens and movies. So, what’s a parent to do?If you’re trying to keep your kids active and busy this summer, try these 10 ideas!

#1: Hit the Road!

See what activities there are to do in towns at least one hour away from yours. Sometimes teens are more likely to do things if it’s in a new location. Pile in the car and just take off! You can either let your kids pick the place or surprise them by taking them somewhere new. Either way trying something new will be exciting for everyone involved. Life’s about the journey, isn’t that what they say?

#2: Create a Summer Manifesto

Sit down with your kids and ask them what they want to do. As a family create a manifesto of things EVERYONE is interested in doing. Hang your list somewhere that everyone can see it and make it a tradition when you cross something off. By getting the whole family involved, you’ll soon find that everyone has something they want to do!

#3: Create a Family Hashtag

Okay, this one might be a little out there for some of you, but we promise it will help get your teenagers involved. Ask your kids to create a hashtag for your family. Then, everywhere you go and whatever you do, give them the opportunity to take their own photos and post them to social media once you get home. By encouraging your kids to do something positive with their social media accounts you get the opportunity to save your memories and keep them involved.

#4: Make a Day of It!

Try to plan activities that require you leaving your house for an entire day. You can either pack your own lunch or pick something up along the way. But, by completely leaving the house for hours at a time, you don’t have to worry about battling your kids to turn off the TV. Look for activities that are best suited for your kids age levels and make a whole day of it! This will allow everyone to feel like they’re on a mini-vacation and loosen up!

#5: Run a 5k

Almost every weekend in the summer, you can find a 5k to run. Challenge your kids and partner to run a 5k with you over the summer. As you prepare for the race, you’ll find that running together will get you out of the house, increase your conversations and keep you active on a regular. You can even make race day a little competition and offer your kids something they really want once they complete it!

#6: Take a Hike

Get your kids out of the house and away from their friends by hiking trails without cell phone reception. Show them old trails that you used to hike or explore new paths together. Hiking is a great way to bond because really, the only thing you can do on the path, is talk to one another. So, get your kids out there and get talking!

#7: Plant a Garden

Try starting a garden with your kids this summer. Have certain people in your family be responsible for different aspects of your garden. Walk out to your garden as a family every night and look at how your plants are developing. Then, as different vegetables come up, let your kids decide what meals to make from them. Having a garden lets your entire family get outside and provides you with fresh food throughout the season! You can’t beat that!

#8: Walk to Your Favorite Places

Now that it’s summer, it’s a great opportunity to walk to your favorite restaurants and shops. If your family is going out to eat, don’t load up in the car. Instead, encourage everyone to walk to the restaurant together! This will give you some extra time outdoors in the awesome weather and the chance to get a little exercise as well.

So, we want to know– what are your favorite ways for keeping your family active during the summer? Post your ideas in comments below. We can’t wait to hear your new ideas!