“I have been going to Clear Connections for almost 2 years now.  I was hit by a car and lived with the shoulder pain and back pain for over 3 years.  Before discovering Clear Connections Chiropractic in Grand Rapids I could only sleep for 4 hours at a time without waking up in pain having to get up and walk around before I could go back to bed.  I was taking prescription painkillers 2-3 times a day to help but even that didn’t touch the pain I was having.

When Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal came into my life is when my life changed for the better.  I can now sleep soundly through the night and never take pain meds for my back pain.  One of the things that I love the most about Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal is their profound knowledge of their field, and they don’t just fix you they educate you in the process.  I believe 5 stars is not enough to describe how amazing they are, and I recommend Clear Connectins Chiropractic to every person I meet and share the story of how they changed my life!”

~Andrew Workman


We love when our practice members share their stories of health and healing!  Thank you Andrew!