B-I-N-G-O and Bingo is the game-oh!!

Join us for this fun, Chiropractic version of “Livin’ the DREAM” Bingo! We all need a little extra motivation these days, so for the month of August dive in and complete the challenges to get entered to win some Fantastic prizes.

Here’s how to get entered:

Tier 1: Complete a minimum of two rows vertical, horizontal or diagonal and receive a raffle ticket to win our Tier 1 prizes including glass Clear Connections water bottles, 30 minute and 60 minute massages!

Tier 2: Complete the entire board to get entered into our Elite Tier 2 Raffle! Prizes include a 90 minute massage, private personal training sessions, Phlot sensory tank experience, or a chiropractic package!

Print out our bingo board HERE and stick it on your fridge or at your desk to keep track! At the end of the month, drop off your bingo card at the office or email it to us!

Good luck!!


Foam rolling:

Posture exercises:

Chronotype Quiz:

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