Chest Wall Stretch

What is the Chest Wall Stretch?

A corner pec stretch is much like a push-up at the wall, except that the emphasis is placed on
staying in the position that causes your chest muscles to lengthen.

How to do the Chest Wall Stretch

Here are the basic moves:
1. Place your forearms and palms over the seam of the wall, where two walls are coming
together to connect at a right angle.
2. Inhale.
3. Exhale, and start pulling your lower abdominal muscles into your spine, lean toward the
wall. You only need to go to the point where it feels challenging but causes no pain or
discomfort. It’s more important to move your whole body as unit, and not bend anywhere
along the chain.
4. Hold the position for between 5-30 seconds, then come back to start.