The Clear Community Connection!

The Clear Community Connection!

Written by Dr. Sean Medlin and Dr. Krystal Czegus / Updated on September 3, 2014 / 0 comments

The Clear Community Connection

Community news in and out of the office!


Love in the air for this months theme!

The big day the Doctors tie the knot is September 27th! 

We thank you for all your love and support, our practice members are the best!” ~Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal


Our back to School drive was a huge success and we have our wonderful practice members to thank!  We are so proud to present all of the supplies to the Cesar Chavez Elementary school for those in need!



We are proud to present our member appreciation basket to one of our longest practice members and a one of the biggest donors to the back to school drive, Alice.  Congratulations!


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Dr. Sean Medlin and Dr. Krystal Czegus

Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal inspire practice members and the community to take the necessary action to achieve your optimum state of health. They educate about the natural healing capabilities you possess and the importance of a healthy nervous system that is free from interference.

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