Today we are highlighting a research article of a 2- year-old female with a history of recurrent ear Infection. We see so many kids in our office with chronic ear infections, and all the parents want are answers to why the infections are happening in the first place. We aim to correct the cause of the ear infections and not just cover up the symptoms! Check out this great research article and please contact us if you have questions. The specific and gentile care we provide can help you and your family.

“The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of chiropractic care on a patient with chronic otitis media. Otitis media is the inflammation of the middle ear. Otitis media affects those of all ages, but is most prominent among children and infants. Research has shown that by age four, 80% of children had been affected by otitis media.

The patient’s mother brought the patient to a doctor of chiropractic with the hope of avoiding a bilateral myringotomy (surgery where small tubes are inserted in both ears to allow air into the ears so that the fluid inside will either drain out or dry up). The patient’s mother reported the patient had seen a pediatrician and ear-nose-throat specialist earlier that month. In just the past month, the patient had been prescribed amoxicillin for a double ear infection and Omnicef by the ear- nose-throat doctor.

After starting care the patient reported being able to sleep through the night and that she had not had an ear infection since she started care five weeks prior. The patient’s bowel movements had also increased to 2-3 per day and the patient’s mother reported that the patient was happier overall.

Overall, the patient’s ear infections had completely resolved since the beginning of chiropractic care.”

We love success stories like this, so if you have a personal story of natural health and healing please share, and if you know a someone who needs to know this information pass it along.

Yours in Health,
Team at CCC