Our month’s theme is education NOT medication.

Our month’s theme is education NOT medication.

“If you knew what I knew, you’d do what I do…”

Back to school time means being exposed to all new kinds of germs. What’s in your arsenal to combat those pesky cooties from ruining your fresh start to a new school year? And we won’t even get started on what the change of season and cooler temperatures can do to the allergy sufferers of the world…

Your nose is running, your eyes are itchy and watery, you have a low-grade fever and you’ve been sneezing all day. You probably have a cold. They are the leading cause of doctor visits and missed days at work and school. The average adult in America will suffer between 2 and 4 colds each year.
Despite advancements in medical care and treatment, traditional western medicine has little to offer in the care and treatment of the common cold. That’s because the cold is caused by a virus and not bacteria. This is important because antibiotics work only against bacteria and not against viruses.

Most uncomplicated colds last between two days and two weeks, depending upon the specific virus and your overall general health. Oftentimes over-the-counter cold remedies don’t speed your recovery and can prolong your suffering.

Many remedies contain aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil), all of which may suppress your body’s ability to produce antibodies and fight the cold. This is completely opposite of your goal to get better as quickly as possible.

Although your physician may offer antiviral medications, such as Tamiflu, they are not effective against the common cold and carry specific risks worse than the cold they are meant to treat and may be more ineffective than advertised.

The answer to treating your cold does not lie in the medicine cabinet. Having a superior immune system to those around you is built on an optimal functioning nervous system. And we know how you can boost your immunity…stay on track with your recommended chiropractic care plan of course!! Also, use a combination of lifestyle choices, herbal remedies, and vitamin supplementation to fight the virus and support your immune system in defense against viral attacks. Knowing the pros and cons of medications is a key factor in making the right health decisions for you and your family. This Month we will cover the very best home remedies, vitamins, and herbal remedies that you can put in your wellness toolbox so we can create the very best Grand Rapids community we can. Stay tuned in and see you next week!!

Yours in Health,
Team at CCC

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