Frequently Asked Questoins

Yes. A New Zealand government inquiry found that chiropractic adjustments are ”remarkably safe.” A thorough examination helps identify the rare individual for whom chiropractic care might not be suited. Compare the statistics. Adjustments are about 100 times safer than taking a common, over-the-counter pain reliever.

No. Each patient’s spine is unique, and each patient’s care plan is different. With 24 spinal bones (that can each move in seven different directions), we see a wide variety of spinal patterns. Everyone’s care is tailored for his or her age, condition and health goals.

The number and frequency of adjustments vary from patient to patient.Most patients see some progress within a week or two. As supporting muscles and ligaments heal, visits may become less frequent.More difficult, longstanding cases may require regular visits over many months or years to make lasting changes.

Yes. Naturally, your chiropractor will avoid the surgically modified areas of your spine. Surgery has been known to cause instability above or below the involved area. More than likely, this will be the focus of your chiropractic care

Yes. Pregnancy may be one of the best times to benefit from chiropractic care. While it’s always best to have a properly working nervous system, it’s especially helpful during pregnancy. Adjusting methods are modified to a mother’s size, weight and condition.During this time of weight gain and hormonal changes, many mothers seek chiropractic care because it is drug free. Many report shorter and easier births.

Even today’s “natural” childbirth methods can stress an infant’s spine. Colic, poor appetite, ear infections or erratic sleeping habits may be signs of spinal distress from the birth process. Pediatric adjustments are gentle. Knowing exactly where to adjust, the amount of pressure applied is no more than you’d use to test the ripeness of a tomato.

If we’re unable to find and reduce the underlying cause of your particular health problem, we’ll refer you to other trustworthy specialists who may be able to help. Your health and satisfaction are our only goal.