We are excited to showcase our first interview in our Wellness Warrior interview series!  

Dr. Royer is the creator and founder of NeuroPeak Pro and an expert in the science and physiology behind why people can get and stay healthy.  We talk about everything from his favorite leisure places in West Michigan to the health and wellness movement in Grand Rapids.  Stay tuned till the end because he gives us some bonus content on how to get an amazing night sleep!  

What you learn:

-Background of NeuroPeak Pro

-Why focus on the Brain and Body when it comes to health and healing

-What is the Autonomic Nervous System

-Medicines impact on the brain and body

**Challenge = Ask your primary, what is the exit strategy for getting off your drugs?

-What is the difference between acute and chronic care?

-What are some alternatives to medicine? 

-Bonus content on light exposure in West Michigan and what it means for your health and sleep!  

Connecting you to a better LIFE,

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