My name is Sharon Hast. I am 59 years old.

I was having constant pain in the side of my neck.

I am studying massage therapy at Blue Heron Academy and got my license last June. Currently, I am going for advanced training.

I started chiropractic care years ago because I had some hip issues. Then, I was in a really bad car accident that caused severe pain. I tried a number of different chiropractors as I wasn’t getting what I was looking for. I did have a couple of really good chiropractors along the way, unfortunately one retired and one passed away. At that point I tried to get referrals from family and friends, but just had some really bad experiences.

I remember that there was one chiropractor who did a body slam technique and thought ‘He’s gonna break my back.’ That was a very negative experience. Another thing that the same chiropractor did was a violent cracking of the neck and that was not the type of care I was looking for. After that, I didn’t go to a chiropractor for quite a while because of the terrible experiences.

I found Clear Connections and started my care here. What I really like is that the doctors use a combination of techniques. They use the activator and manual adjustments and they tailor the adjustments to me. They do what I need AND where I need it and that works! Also, “I’ve never been body slammed here……that’s a really good thing!”

Since starting care I have better posture and sleep. As I mentioned before, my neck was where I was having constant pain. It is far better than when I first started getting adjustments. I would recommend care at Clear Connections, and have done so many times!


Sharon Hast