Here are seven tips to achieve optimal hydration:

1. Purity: A pure source of water is essential. The best systems are reverse osmosis, natural ionic alkalizers, copper-zinc carbon filter. Best to avoid plastic containers (chemicals such as phylates & BPA are known to disrupt hormone function and have carcinogenic properties). Use glass whenever possible.

2. Wake up with Water: Sleeping utilizes energy and water stores and leaves us dehydrated in the morning. Begin your day with 32 oz of water or more to replenish used stores and for detoxification and colon cleansing purposes. In addition, this process will enhance metabolism and help you burn fat.

3. Drink Continuously: 4-8 oz every 15-30 minutes during the day. Cut this off about 30-60 minutes before and after each meal.

4. Use Volcanic Salts: Natural volcanic salts contain anywhere between 60 & 84 trace minerals that replenish deficiencies and provide valuable alkaline buffers. These salts help regulate fluid volume in and out of the cell, and along with enough water provide an extremely efficient energy source, “hydroelectric energy.”

5. Think Water First: Whenever you are experiencing low energy and/or bodily symptoms, go to water first. Sprinkle a little volcanic salt in 16-24 oz of water and drink up. The minerals, alkalinity, & hydration will fuel, replenish & stabilize your cells.

6. Decrease Potassium Containing Foods: People with asthma/allergies often have abnormal trace mineral ratios; therefore, foods that are both high in potassium & sugar further trigger reactions. Avoid orange juice, bananas, & regular/baked potatoes. Add a bit of good salts to other fruit such as melons.

7. Reduce Caffeine & Alcohol Consumption: Diuretics such as caffeine & alcohol further dehydrate the body and strip it of valuable mineral and alkaline buffering stores. This leads to chronic conditions and further tissue insult.

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