Position yourself in your most comfortable meditation posture.  Relax your body, mind, and emotions.  Witness the way you are breathing. Every cell in your body is nourished by oxygen and weak inhalations deny us the energy supplying air we need. Similarly, our feeble exhalations don’t allow us to expel the poisonous gasses lying deep in our lungs. This is why we often feel run down, crabby, and sleepy.

The purpose of this technique is to cleanse your body, mind, emotions, and spirit by taking in a healthy, therapeutic dose of oxygen and ridding yourself of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other impurities.

The 4 – 4 – 8 Pranayama (breathing technique) will achieve a tremendous cleansing and revitalization throughout your entire body. Enhanced clarity of thought and uplifted emotions are always byproducts of this classic method.

Inhale deeply for 4 units of time. Fill your lungs completely, so you can see and feel your abdomen distend. Retain your breath for the count of 4 and then exhale for the count of 8. Any rhythm that you naturally establish is the right one for you, so if your units are 4 one second units of time for inhaling, 4 of retention and 8 seconds for exhaling, that’s fine. You can’t do this wrong.

When you inhale for a count of 4, visualize all divine and healthy qualities coming to you. See and feel yourself inhaling purity, sweetness, gentleness, health, vitality, tranquility, and so on. While retaining your breath for the count of 4, visualize all these attributes filling every cell in your body. Now exhale all impurities and un-divine qualities for a count of 8. See and feel pain, anger, illness, ignorance, impatience, and so on, leave you.

Repeat this method as much and as often as you like (shoot for 3 sets of 12 repetitions) and see and feel yourself as pure, filled with light, energy, and love.

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