Migraine’s relived!

I had always heard about chiropractic, but never actually participated or truly learned about it until my internship with Clear Connections. Throughout my life, I have always suffered from headaches, migraines, and digestive issues. These problems affected my daily life so significantly that I would often miss class, be stuck in my bedroom for days at a time, and had even had emergency room visits yearly. Doctors had prescribed me various medications or remedies over the years, but nothing worked, so I had learned to deal with it on my own. After my first week of adjustments from Drs. Sean and Krystal, however, I began to notice significant improvements in my headaches and digestion! Beyond that, I even noticed improvements in general muscle/joint pains, skin complexion, and overall bodily functions. To be honest, chiropractic care has definitely changed my life, most specifically due to my headache and migraine relief. I cannot thank the doctors at Clear Connections enough for the difference they’ve made in my life!

Jojo B.

Grand Rapids