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Daily Acid Reflux

I feel confident and Healthier…

I found out about Clear Connections Chiropractic at a Health & Wellness Expo at the Devos.  I had poor posture through adult hood, acid reflux daily for the last 2 years along with my ribs that would pop out of place since I was a teenager and Neck pain.  I would have to lay down when my ribs popped out of place until I could breathe again, and within 2 weeks of chiropractic adjustments the frequency of my acid reflux and rib incidents drastically reduced.  I also noticed my posture had improved, less neck pain and I had more movement when turning my head from side to side.

 I feel more confident and healthier!  My acid reflux is almost completely gone and my ribs haven’t popped out of place for a couple of months when they were popping out a couple times a week.

 ~Rachel F.