Monday Minute Miracle – Daily Acid Reflux

Monday Minute Miracle – Daily Acid Reflux

Written by Dr. Sean Medlin and Dr. Krystal Czegus / Updated on September 29, 2014 / 0 comments

Monday Minute Miracle

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Daily Acid Reflux

I feel confident and Healthier…

I found out about Clear Connections Chiropractic at a Health & Wellness Expo at the Devos.  I had poor posture through adult hood, acid reflux daily for the last 2 years along with my ribs that would pop out of place since I was a teenager and Neck pain.  I would have to lay down when my ribs popped out of place until I could breathe again, and within 2 weeks of chiropractic adjustments the frequency of my acid reflux and rib incidents drastically reduced.  I also noticed my posture had improved, less neck pain and I had more movement when turning my head from side to side.

 I feel more confident and healthier!  My acid reflux is almost completely gone and my ribs haven’t popped out of place for a couple of months when they were popping out a couple times a week.

 ~Rachel F.

Dr. Sean Medlin and Dr. Krystal Czegus

Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal inspire practice members and the community to take the necessary action to achieve your optimum state of health. They educate about the natural healing capabilities you possess and the importance of a healthy nervous system that is free from interference.

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