“When I first heard about Clear Connections, I was beyond excited! I had grown up going to a chiropractor, but after moving to Grand Rapids had fallen out of the practice. At the time, I was in my first trimester of my first pregnancy. Honestly, I was afraid of just going into any chiropractic office. However, I was quickly surprised by the extra knowledge that they had about pregnancy-specific chiropractic compared to other offices I had visited in the area. From the moment I walked in, I felt comfortable for my sake and my baby’s, too.

At the time I began coming to the office, I was experiencing terrible migraines that would leave me unable to work or leave my darkened bedroom for days at time. I was miserable and longing for a better pregnancy experience. After just a few weeks of coming in for regular adjustments, my headaches completely disappeared! I was finally able to be active again. My appetitive improved and I was no longer taking days off from work.

I am so grateful to have made the transition into their office at such a pivotal point in my pregnancy. Dr. Krystal and Dr. Sean understood my pregnancy and have helped me become more comfortable with my changing body. I honestly don’t know what I have done without them!”

-Danielle M.

For more information about pregnancy and chiropractic, be sure to contact our office today.