Headaches, Neck & Shoulder pain and Sinus issue improvement


“I started going to a chiropractor in high-school in response to some track injuries, but regular visits have not been a huge priority until lately. I experienced anything from neck and shoulder pain to headaches and sinus issues. I play drums for a living, so when these health problems exist it makes my day to day life very difficult. During the first week I started care at Clear Connections, I began to notice improvement in my playing [drums] and sleeping. My sinus problems seemed less bothersome and I am able to play drums for a longer amount of time without fatigue setting in.  Imagine not being able to do what you love or what you draw your income from. Now, imagine there was something you could do about it. Why wouldn’t you? I did, and for me chiropractic care has allowed me to continue pursuing my dreams and passions.”