“My five year old daughter has had severe constipation issues for over a year. The situation began to get worse when she started to complain of stomach pain, and refusal to eat meals at times. As a mother you always have sympathy for your child’s pain, and I wanted to help without giving her a prescribed medication. Since I’m an Exercise Science Major, I wanted to seek a naturalistic route to help alleviate her pain.

I took her to Clear Connections Chiropractic, which is known for providing excellent family care to entire families. I discovered that her lower spine and pelvic area were out of alignment. Literally, within thirty minutes of her 1st adjustment with Dr. Sean, she had a regular bowel movement. She remained regular five days after the adjustment.

As a mother, I have noticed that she was able to focus more that day, and was in an extremely good mood. She kept telling me that, “the doctor was able to get that popcorn out of my back”. The adjustment placed my daughter’s lower spine back into proper alignment, which allowed her to feel better and have normal bowel movements. We are happy that her nervous system is working properly, and I personally recommend that individuals who have children with bowel issues seek Chiropractic assistance.”
-Rebecca R