This month’s team member spotlight is our massage therapist is Kristen!

What is your spirit animal and why?
“My spirit animal would have to be the wolf. I have always been naturally drawn to them from growing up around many Native American families. They are a part of their culture, and just fascinated me. The wolf instinctively defends and protects his pack, but also enjoys being alone. ”

What’s your philosophy behind your nutritional choices?
“I believe that food is fuel for the body. The better the nutritional content, the better your body will feel and perform, mentally and physically. Why would I put garbage into my body when I don’t like feeling like garbage?”

Where is one of your favorite getaway spots or travel destinations?
“My car is my go-to getaway spot. I can blast my music, clear my thoughts, and go anywhere I feel. But if I had to choose a destination it would be somewhere warm and sunny. The sunnier the better!”

When not in the office, what are some of your favorite hobbies?
“I really enjoy reading, music, going to the comic book store, and hanging with my awesome kids!”

To moo or not to moo?
“No moo! I know the underlying problems with the dairy industry and I personally can’t justify a little bit of gratification for such a sad thing. There are plenty other yummy things out there!”

Final words of encouragement on optimizing your overall body health and getting the most from your care at Clear Connections?
“While we all know the benefits of chiropractic care, to really optimize results, pairing adjustments with massage therapy is the way to go. You will get faster results and all around feel better. Why not utilize all your resources within the same office?”