This Month’s Team Member Spotlight… Wake Up, Dr. Sean!

What is your morning routine?

“On a good day – Water, Stretch for 10 minutes, look at my calendar and review my day, 10 minutes of positive reading/brain games workbook (no newspaper), 10 of meditation, morning power shake, and get going…”

Coffee or Tea?

“Neither. A shake is where it’s at! Here is how it’s done…
a little bit of almond/coconut milk, flax seed, chia seed, yogurt, SP complete powder, turmeric, banana, and frozen fruitBOOM! That will get you up and going in the morning.”

Snooze or up and at’em?

“I want to say up and at’em but I think Krystal will testify that it’s snooze.”

Favorite Indulgent Breakfast food?

“Fruit Stuffed French Toast”

If you could wake up anywhere in the world, where would you be and what would you see?

“Nordhouse Dunes, MI in my hammock, looking out at the Lake…”

Final words of encouragement on optimizing your morning?

“Its a practice. Just like your work out routine or yoga, your not looking for perfection, you are just looking to get better every day.
PS: Start your morning the night before by preparing.”

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