People with chronic depression often times have significant biochemical imbalances in their neurological tissue.  New research has indicated that this imbalance is not a genetic flaw as was once thought but instead is due to a heavy onslaught of toxicity or severe nutritional and lifestyle based deficiency’s that cause massive brain inflammation that disrupts normal neurological processing.

Fortunately, when these causative factors are addressed, one can overcome the chemical imbalances and beat depression naturally. 

Depression and neuro-emotional diseases such as bipolar, schizophrenia, etc. are at an all-time high.   The pharmaceutical industry has brought out dozens of blockbuster drugs to treat all of these conditions with billions of dollars of revenue every year.

Unfortunately, none of these drugs treat the cause of the chemical imbalance but merely treat the symptoms and come with a whole host of frightening side effects.  In fact, years back the FDA mandated labeling requiring anti-depressant manufactures to include a warning that these drugs increase suicide risk (which is one of the things they are supposed to prevent).

The true cause of depression from a biochemical and lifestyle perspective is due to toxicity or deficiency at the cellular level.   Common toxicity problems associated with depression include heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum, etc. that accumulate in the fatty tissue of the brain and create massive free radical damage and inflammation that alters neurological function.  Viruses and environmental toxins are common inflammatory agents in the brain as well.

Next week we dive into the most common food allergens to avoid to beat depression naturally… stay tuned!