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My Neck pain, Heartburn, fatigue, and Breathing problems literally subsided

I finally found a way to address the cause of my conditions rather than trying to mask all of the symptoms…

I had always known about chiropractors but, like many, I poorly understood exactly what they did and how they could benefit me. It was not until my first session at Clear Connections where I really became acquainted with the practice.

I had suffered from neck pain, breathing difficulties, heartburn, and fatigue for several years. My first defining moment was when I experienced neck-pain symptoms after a car accident in 2011. I met with my family physician, who told me I pulled a muscle from whiplash or strain, and that it would heal with time. For the first 2-3 months after the incident, the pain was so severe that it had engulfed my shoulder, back, and arm. It interfered with almost everything in my daily life. I experimented with over-the-counter pain medicines, which often did nothing but hurt my body. I had difficulties in the morning because the pain prevented me from getting out of bed. I spent several hundred dollars at the ear-nose-throat doctor in order to find a cause to my breathing problems. The doctor suggested nasal polyps were the root cause to the problem and encouraged me to get an expensive CT-scan, which showed no physical obstruction or polyps whatsoever.

 It was not until my very first adjustment at Clear Connections where I noticed a real difference. My neck pain, heartburn, fatigue, and breathing problems literally subsided. I was sleeping better after just one adjustment. I finally found a way to address the cause to my conditions rather than trying to mask all of the symptoms. Fixing the nervous system is imperative for to body to operate correctly. I now understand how the subluxation in my spine had caused severe nerve interference responsible for each of my problems. Finding Clear Connections was one of the greatest discoveries and I encourage all of my friends and relatives to experience the same life-changing results. 

Andrew S.


Chiropracotr Grand Rapids


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