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More Energy and Less pain allow me to enjoy the things I like to do!

Even squeezing a tube of toothpaste hurt…

I found out about Clear Connections from my wife and daughter who also go here.  My wife has been suggesting that I go for over the past year.  Originally I had pain in my left hand which I thought was probably arthritis or tendonitis.  When I started to develop neckshoulder and back pain I suspected that the problem was more severe.  Sometimes the pain was so severe I had difficulty sleepingexercisingsitting at my desk or in the car, and even squeezing a tube of toothpaste hurt.  It finally got to the point were I became fatigued and depressed.  I took Advil and other anti-inflammatory relievers but it would only last for a few hours before the pain returned. 

It was after the first week that I started to notice some improvement but the real relief started during the third week.  The pain in my hand was less noticeable and I had less stiffness and pain in my shoulder, neck, and back.  I have also noticed more energy overall.  I sleep better, have less need for a nap to re-charge, and feel much better overall!  I’m 52 and I really though the pain I was experiencing was a byproduct of growing old, which I found to be very depressing.  I feel much healthier; have much more energy and less pain, which will allow me to enjoy the things I like to do!

~Ray W.

Chiropracotr Grand Rapids


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