It’s not uncommon for headaches to arise during pregnancy. And when that happens, what is our first instinct? Just pop a quick Tylenol, right? After all, acetaminophen is typically on the “okay to take during pregnancy list” provided by most healthcare providers. But before you become too comfortable with the habit of taking a Tylenol as a “quick fix” solution, we want to share some new information that might change your mind the next time that nagging hormone headache comes around.

Recent Findings about Tylenol

In a recent study, published in Science Magazine, Tylenol was reported to have reduced testosterone in male babies. The study determined that acetaminophen, which is found in Tylenol, when used for prolonged periods of time, reduced the level of testosterone production in the womb.

So, What Does That Mean?

Reduced levels of testosterone in the womb can have several negative side effects for baby boys. When testosterone is limited, there becomes a higher risk for infertility, testicular cancer and undescended testicles at birth. It becomes important to recognize that these side effects can have many negative long-term effects on the male.  Effected boys must suffer these consequences not just in the womb, but throughout development and adulthood as well.

Are There Other Pain Management Solutions?

Of course, if you get frequent headaches, we are not suggesting that you just live with the pain. Instead, you  encourage you to start seeking alternative solutions that do not require the ongoing use of acetaminophen.

Did you know that Chiropractic care is a solid solution for managing your headaches during pregnancy? We even have a few compelling testimonials from patients who swear that Chiropractic changed their pregnancy completely! (You can read that here). Chiropractic can help to pinpoint where your headaches are actually coming from and help rid these trouble areas. So, before you pop that Tylenol cap open again and again, pick up your phone instead. Call and schedule your appointment today.