For a lot of mothers with newborn babies, nursing can be a struggle. Troubles can arise when either the baby is struggling to latch or if the mother’s milk production isn’t regulating fast or well enough. Chiropractic, thankfully, is a safe and steadfast alternitive to help allieve some of the challenges that come from breastfeeding.

When you are a breastfeeding mother, your body is responsible for producing and releasing enough milk to keep your baby happy and healthy. But sometimes, this production is slow to occur. Additionally, many female bodies often are unable to “let down” their milk production.

The mother’s milk production and let down reflex, as well as the integrity of her nipples, will also play an important role in the infant’s ability to establish and maintain an efficient latch-on, taking into consideration other possible factors such as a yeast infection or an ineffective latch-on. The mother’s milk supply and let down are neurologically controlled. They may respond to chiropractic adjustment, craniosacral technique, or acupressure, as well as the more traditionally utilized herbs and medications. Ergonomics-how the mother holds her own and her baby’s body while breastfeeding-are very important. Pain may influence her let down reflex and, consequently, her milk production.