Even though we take a break from the office at Clear Connections Chiropractic and go on vacation for a week do you think we just stop being chiropractors??  I think not.  We had the privilege of adjusting baby Makayla at birth and round 2 was last weekend.  She is looking and doing great, however parents notice everything and mama said that she is walking with her right foot externally rotated.  Objective one in chiropractic pediatric care is making sure those little bones are in alignment so that her amazing nervous system coordinating her development and growth can be powerful and strong!!  When that happens do you think it might help her walk straight??  Do you think that will help with her coordination and balance??

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Baby Makala getting her Nervous System tuned up!!

So sure enough we get a call and Makayla is not only walking straight but has better balance and coordination!!  Hey Mom and Dad, can you say volley ball scholarship? Or maybe Golf or basketball??  The world is at her fingertips!!