I found out about Clear Connections Chiropractic through my aunt and uncle who are patients here. I’ve had chronic migraines and constant back pain throughout my life as well as severe asthma. At its worst, the migraines would interfere with my schoolwork and social life. While I’ve tried several medications throughout my life to try and deal with the pain, they seemed to cover it up more than cure the true problem.

            After I started to get adjusted at Clear Connections, my headaches were initially worse, but after three weeks they started to clear up and I now have close to no headaches. I’m able to sleep better and I have more energy. Additionally, I’m able to be involved in other aspects of life without interference. Clear Connections has made me a much more happy and energetic person. My life before was all about the horrible pain and depression that came with the headaches, and now it’s not!

~~Madison Priest