When I first started at Clear Connections my health problems included; scoliosis developed at birth, rounding of the shoulders, and restless legs syndrome. The later started in 2012 and consistently interrupted sleep.

Restless legs also interfered with my quality of life because I needed two hours per night just to get to sleep. I would bang my calves against the bed, and roll on the floor! I had a sleep study and was put on requip and klonopin. These would knock
me out at night but they were not a cure to the problem.

My internist doctor prescribed Vicodin and Ropinirole (requip). I tried acupuncture and vein oblation in both legs with no lasting improvement.

A pain doctor gave me shots in my back and tramadol, but these only masked the symptoms once again. I took up to 2400 mg of Motrin, but this gave only temporary relief.

I’d been suspicious of bone crackers but I had tried everything else!

I read about Clear Connections in the Eastgate “Gatewatch” newspaper and scheduled my first evaluation and consultation. After starting care I noticed improvement at about four weeks. The restless legs diminished at night. My bowel movements became more regular. I started walking straighter and noticed an increase in energy. I now take significantly less medication.

I also awake feeling more refreshed. I can get up from the floor without grabbing something to steady myself. I can do steps without a railing. I can mount my bicycle with more ease.

Chiropractic care has changed my life because after each adjustment I feel totally relaxed! I feel more optimistic about remaining ambulatory for many more years and I am giving more thought to my lifestyle.

The staff is simply vibrant and the office radiates energy. It is enjoyable to simply sit around and drink it in!

Henry R Post