Have you ever wondered why so many children suffer from allergies that were not as common 50 years ago? Or why peanut allergies have skyrocketed in America, but not in places like India where it is one of their main ingredients?

Here, in the United States, it’s common for parents to send EpiPens to school just in case someone so much as opens a snack in the room that contains peanuts. Today, peanuts are the number one cause of death from food reactions. What’s wrong with the human body that it would go into anaphylactic shock from a seemingly harmless food ingredient that couldn’t harm a soul a hundred years ago?

Peanut oil was never meant to be put in a syringe and injected into muscle tissue. Why would anyone inject peanut oil into their body? Surprisingly, it is in the majority of the vaccines we receive.

In the mid-1960s, peanut oils were first introduced into vaccines because scientists hypothesized they would “prolong” immunity. It was originally used as an adjuvant (a substance that enhances the body’s immune response to an antigen). It is a complete myth that the greater the allergic response to the vaccine, the greater the immunity is conferred. The dangers of its use are well-documented, but anyone who tests this myth is referred to as anti-science, anti-vaccine and a conspiracy theorist. There is no faster way for a doctor to lose their license to practice medicine than to challenge this commandment of vaccine mythology.

If they started putting peanut oil in vaccines in the 1960s, then why did the peanut allergies experience a massive upsurge in number more recently? It all started when the mandated schedule of the number and frequency of vaccines for children under age 7 doubled, and then tripled. In 1980 children received on average 20 vaccines, in 1995 it was increased to around 40 vaccines, and by 2016 we are now at approximately 70 vaccines.

What’s the easiest way to send a child’s body into anaphylactic shock and create severe food allergies for the rest of his/her life? Inject intact proteins from peanuts, eggs and dairy (casein) products directly into the infant’s muscle tissue 36 times before the age of 18 months. What is even worse, peanut oil is an unlabeled ingredient! When normal food becomes extremely toxic to children, the parents should review how those specific ingredients have been introduced to their infant’s bodies.

Vaccines have never been proven safe or effective; only studies done by the manufacturers themselves, which have subsequently been proven fraudulent, altered and skewed, are published in order to fool the public.
Next time you think about getting you or your child vaccinated, make sure to read all the ingredients listed, and ask about any potential unlisted ingredients to prevent future allergies or other issues.

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