Shooting pain numbness, and tingling in my legs …

I found out about Chiropractic care from my co-worker because she knew that I have been dealing with severe back pain for the past few months.  I have been experiencing shooting pains, numbness, and tingling in my leg and foot.  When my pain was at its worse I could barely walk.  The other doctors I have seen in the past prescribed ibuprofen, Tylenol with codeine, along with muscle relaxers. I had been taking them for a month and felt minimal relief. I noticed immediate improvement after my very first Chiropractic adjustment and left with no limp! Since then, I have also been able to drastically reduce the amount of pain relievers I was taking. Chiropractic care has changed my life, since I felt as though no one was listening to me about the pain my body was going through. However, since I have been receiving Chiropractic care, my mind has been at ease and I’m much less stressed because of it.  I am more confident that healing is possible for my condition due to Chiropractic care.


Juanita T.

Grand Rapids