Testimonial Monday!  Today’s testimonial comes from our very own Massage Therapist – Chelsea.

“I found out about Chiropractic care while I was studying massage therapy because the two disciplines naturally complement each other. I was born with spina bifida which affects my musculoskeletal and neurological systems, as well as some muscle paralysis. In the past, my condition has been debilitating, causing me to feel the need of an aid (a wheelchair or walker). I’ve had medical treatments and surgeries all my life, but just recently discovered the benefits of Chiropractic care. I saw improvement almost instantly, and have experienced additional benefits with my continued treatments. Since receiving Chiropractic care and making other life improvements I feel healthier, more energetic, fully rested, and a stronger immune system. The Chiropractic care I’ve received at Clear Connections Chiropractic combined with massage therapy, provides my body relief I have not been able to find with other medical treatments. I finally have continued relief from common aches and muscle tension, which allows me to function physically at my maximum potential.”

Make it a great week!