Sports injuries are more common than most people realize. Unfortunately, in our attempts to stay in good health, we sometimes have bad things happen to us: torn muscles, rolled ankles, displaced bones… we’ve seen it all. But our “bad luck” doesn’t always end with the first injury. That’s because, most people don’t understand the proper steps they need to take to heal from their sports injuries, and so they get back to working out too soon, causing more damage to the original problem. It’s a vicious cycle that can have long term effects on your body if not cared for properly. And one that we are set on stopping! We want you to get back to your healthy lifestyle more than anyone else. But, we want you to do it the right way. Use this short guide below to help prevent future injury and get yourself back on the right track today.

How long should I wait to work out again?

Every single sports injury is different. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all answer to this question. We recommend that every injury be assessed by us. Together, we will sit down and work out a recovery time frame for you, giving our best advice for when you should be able to start working out again.

What Other Types of Things Might Help Me Recover?

When we sit down and evaluate your injury, we will also address any other specific remedies. Typically, we will have stretches to offer you to help keep your muscles active. Additionally, we may have suggestions for essential oils or creams that will effectively assist in your pain managements. If you have any specific questions, make sure that you give us a call or ask during your evaluation.

I Have an Old Injury that Keeps Flaring Up. Can You Help With That?

We always want to know about any injuries you have before we adjust you. If you have an old injury that you can’t seem to get over, make sure that you mention it to us. We will be able to work with your specific trouble area and provide suggestions for ongoing care.

Do I Need a Doctor’s Recommendation for Chiropractic?

Absolutely not. Chiropractic is a safe and healthy addition to any type of therapy that you are getting for your sports injury. It is a good idea to notify your trainer or physical therapist of your chiropractic care, however, just to keep them on the same page.

If you have a sport injury, don’t sit around waiting for it to heal. Schedule your appointment today and let’s work through the issue together. We’ll create an individualized plan that meets your health needs. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.