Testimonial: Migraines, Back pain, and Pregnancy… Oh My!!

I was searching on Google for a chiropractor to help with my pregnancy and found Clear Connections, whose website was very friendly and welcoming.  I have suffered from migraines for over 14 years and lower back pain for over 10. There were times my migraines had sent me to the ER. My low back pain made walking difficult, and regular activities that required bending would sometimes make my entire back seize up and shoot pains down my leg.

I tried other chiropractors, multiple prescription migraine medications, and have spent lots of money on massages to help, but nothing seemed to really take the pain away for good. Both symptoms seemed to worsen with my current pregnancy.

After a few visits to Clear Connections, my headaches were better, my neck was less tense, and the pain in my lower back improved. I also noticed it helped with my acid reflux I was experiencing due to pregnancy, as well as the tenderness in my lower abdomen and pelvis. The fact that the doctors create a care plan for a long-term fix shows how much they truly care about my health.

I’m only 3 weeks into my care and have only noticed 2 or 3 manageable headaches compared to the 4-5 I was getting weekly. Because of this, I am no longer afraid to leave the house to hang out with friends or family. Clear Connections Chiropractic has definitely been a game changer for me and I recommend everyone give it a try, pregnant or not!

– Hailey F.

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