This month’s team member spotlight is our chiropractic assistant, Kendra!

1. What’s your favorite thing to do to cheer yourself up if you’ve been feeling down?
“My favorite thing that cheers me up whenever I am feeling down is spending time with family. My family is not only a great support system but a bunch of goofballs that can always cheer me up.”

2. What essential oils do you have in your cabinet now that could be useful for mood boosting?
“I always have LAVENDER!! Not only is it a mood booster, it helps with any anxiety or trouble focusing, and puts my daughter to sleep on those nights she just isn’t so sure about. Plus it’s my favorite smell!!”

3. What would your perfect Saturday look like?
“My perfect Saturday would include making sprinkle pancakes with my daughter (our favorite morning routine) and then finding some kind of adventure to get into. We love to go on walks, explore, pick flowers, and collect pine cones.”

4. If you had a life mascot, what would your mascot be?
“If my life had a mascot I think it would be some type of bird. I love to travel and explore new places but even more than that I love to come back home to my family.”

5. Have you always been interested in health care? What was the very first job you ever had?
“I have been interested in health care for a long time! My very first job was working in a cafe back in Kalamazoo. But I quickly realized my heart was less with coffee and donuts and more towards the health care side of things when I also started working in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s Patients.”

Thank you for sharing Kendra!!