Today my back pain is no longer present, sleep improved, sinus pressure relieved

Several weeks before I met the doctors I fell on a tile floor, and had a lot of lower back pain. It was severe enough to interrupt my sleep and cause me too seek medication. I was sleep deprived and very busy with my physically demanding veterinary clinic job.  Also since age 18 I have suffered from migraines, and within the last few years began having sinus infections and allergy issues. For my low back pain, I took some muscle relaxers, but they did not help at all. I had a few Tramadol left over from a sinus infection, which I took in effort to get some sleep. I tried a heating pad and ibuprophen daily. I attempted to nap after work. After over a month it seemed like nothing would help. After beginning chiropractic care regularly, it took a few adjustments to feel my lower back begin to heal. The rest of my spine needed a lot of work also, so I was a little sore for a few weeks.  Today my lower back pain is no longer present. I have had a couple sinus infections, but the work Dr. Krystal did to relieve the pressure was very helpful. I still have headaches, but no longer daily. It took a while for my body to begin to hold adjustments, and now it is easier for me to determine the cause of my issues now that I am much more aware of my body. I sleep much better and am not suffering from back pain! I look forward to getting my adjustments and learn new things from the doctors. They go above and beyond with each patient, even if there is a line. I have taken advice that they have given me when I presented a problem, and they are willing to figure things out that will help me outside of the chiropractic office.

Jennifer C.

Grand Rapids, MI

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