Natural sun screen protection comes from tropical oils such as coconut, eucalyptus, jojoba, & shea butter.  Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide when applied appropriately are powerful protectants from the damaging effects of too much sun.

It is always advisable to wear hats and other clothing if you know you are going to spend an excessive time in the sun.  Apply aloe vera and/or coconut oil on any areas that are overexposed to help ease the pain and nourish the skin.  Both of these sources support the skin microflora and harmonize the healing process.

It is also critical to get lots of anti-oxidants applied topically to enhance our skin’s health and ability to synthesize vitamin D.  Great lotions include green-tea extract, aloe vera, & clove oil which provide anti-oxidant protection for the skin.

Please post any comments or questions below and we hope this will enhance your fun in the sun!!